Asia Pacific’s Go-To Lead Generation & Marketing Partner

for the World’s Top-Ranked Universities

Student Recruiting and Counseling

We recruit throughout Asia Pacific across multiple online and offline channels with culturally-fitting, context-adapted marketing strategies for 10+  markets covering Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.

With our help, our university partners have seen both significant increases in their online enrollment as well as their brand equity in the Asia region.

We focus on:

  • Brand Value because that’s our client’s most valuable long-term asset.
  • Asia Pacific because it’s the fastest growing market promoted by strong government initiatives and high student demands.
  • Online and Flexible Programs because that’s the future way of learning.
  • Fostering University/Institution Relationships because networking is key to every industry.
  • Student Counseling because each student is different.
  • Top-Ranked Universities because they offer the prestige, quality, and most robust career support services.

One Partner for All of Asia Pacific

Online education and hybrid/O2O learning are exploding throughout Asia Pacific. We can help you capture the world’s fastest growing e-learning market by fostering new partnerships, launching new programs and recruiting students from this exciting region.

By 2020, the Asia e-learning market is estimated to be $12.4+ billion with 400+ million students enrolled in online programs.

Primary Markets: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam.

Secondary Markets: India, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

Our Channels and Brands

From digital channels (Websites, SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, PR, blogs, etc) to offline channels (Corporate Relations, University Network, Ed Consultant Network, Campus Reps), we are the leading marketer for online and flexible higher education in all of Asia Pacific.

Chinese Site for Top-100 University’s Online Programs

#1 Multilingual Site for Online Programs

Eric Hsu

Co-Founder & CEO

With a Cornell MBA and 10+ years of Fortune 500 corporate experience, Eric is the visionary who is always looking for opportunities and building partnerships

Cindy Lin

Co-Founder, COO & General Counsel

Having worked for top law firms and for a Fortune 500, Cindy is the entrepreneurial lawyer who finds running a business equally exciting as practicing law.

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